Foundation of Our
successful Business…

Foundation of Our successful Business…

Since all organization, require to store the huge amount of data gathered from both of its internal and external resources. This vital data must be fetched, aggregated and reported on at ease. It has to be updated, deleted and added to, in fraction of seconds.

Our Consultation unit focuses on appropriate database design techniques using Entity Relationship Diagrams and Normalization techniques. We design and build complex databases, then store, maintain and retrieve data using commercial relational database management tools, Fourth-generation languages, associated with 4G, Object oriented/iterative model.

Our consultation team at Analysis and Design focus and aims to produce a scalable, robust and flexible database that can produce trustworthy support for the variant and evolving applications provided by an information system. It is the Design, which is the main key for application and database performance, Tuning follows later, hardly can make up on poor designs. We provide our clients the efficient data model with well-defined performance goals and metrics along with incredible benchmarking strategy. If this is done in advance, the issues are bond to follow during implementation. Before the mishap of redesigning happen, we do lot of proactive work to make sure, No such stage occur, least or no tuning to be required while performing the physical implementation.

We Analyze and Design for Performance, Scalability, Extensibility, Security, Availability, Portability and eventually Diagnosability and for Special Scenarios.

The Techniques we use whilst produce the exemplary model for clients include Structured System Analysis (De Marco), Information Engineering, MERISE, SSADM, OMT etc.