One stop
collaboration offered by Oracle…

One stop software/hardware/storage collaboration offered by Oracle…Exadata is an incredibly powerful and scalable Database Machine for the most demanding of workloads. Just do try it and see the extraordinary performance.

Oracle Exadata is a database appliance with support for both OLTP (transactional) and OLAP (analytical) database systems. After acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle circa January 2010, Exadata used Sun-based hardware; since then it offered complete hardware/storage/softwaresolution for your databases

dbAmaze Production database server experts does offer support of Exadata which in turn Offer extreme performance. Having said that exadata can manage all types of Database workloads along with extremely fast transaction response times and high throughput. Hence, our experts provide demos to our clients time to time on it so that if ever client agrees on implementation, mitigates lower cost and high performance, which in turn increases productivity and build rapport between client and our organization. We have expertise of high caliber to support Exadata and its Components.