Fathomable and reliant hope
at the time of Production

Fathomable and reliant hope at the time of Production Disaster

This is where we have extreme specialty…that makes us unique in offering its service

To ensure high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data, It is oracle’s best of innovation “Data Guard” which comes up with comprehensive services to create, maintain and manage as well as monitor one or more standby database to make sure Production database services are up and running in case of any natural or man-made disasters or data corruptions. This amazing innovation maintains transactionally consistent copies of the production databases, If ever Production database becomes unavailable during planned or an unplanned outage, Data Guard can switch its role to production and will act exactly the same way as production with least or no downtime associated with the outage. We at dbAmaze leveraging the full potential of Data Guard optionally improve production database performance by offloading resource-intensive backup and reporting operations to standby systems.

dbAmaze is blessed with the Master experts in disaster recovery department, Despite the busy schedules, dbAmaze Asset keeps on delivering lectures in Oracle Organizations and forums on Data Guard with its latest features in 12c like..

  • Real-Time Query to offload read-only workloads to an up-to-date standby database.
  • Automatic Block Repair
  • Far Sync
  • Fast Sync
  • Real-Time cascade standby
  • RMAN Block Change Tracking.
  • Active Data Guard Rolling Upgrade using DBMS_ROLLING
  • Global Database Services Application Continuity


A Real-Time Data Integration and Heterogeneous Database Replication

A Replication and data-integration software developed by GoldenGate Software since 2009 marketed by Oracle Corporation is best among currently available package as real-time data integration solutions. A Package best-in-class solution enable real-time data assimilation and consistent data accessibility by capturing, distributing updates of critical information as the changes occur, and providing continuous data synchronization across heterogeneous environments.

All the organization do expect to achieve highly upgraded business intelligence throughout the enterprise by employing the vital live data and enhance uptime of their mission-critical platforms.

We at dbAmaze leverage the full potential of this complementary and comprehensive real data integration product by offering our clients with latest 12c Golden Gate implementation which helps to sustainLeast-impact, real-time change data capture, distribution, and delivery for transactional data through heterogeneous systems for continuous accessibility, zero downtime migration, and business intelligence.


An exemplary combination keeps data accessible with consistency round the clock

Almost all in IT industries knew Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle's leading-edge active-active and active-passive database cluster system – one enormously scalable, robust and portable database concept with multiple instances on one or many servers, accessing a shared storage system, preferably using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

dbAmaze offers Seamless provision multi-node Oracle RAC systems in a totally automated manner - including delivering of RAC databases to our clients in an aesthetic and flawless way to make sure availability of data with consistency is achieved at all times.We adopt& offer Cluster server database services that arescalable, stable, reliable, robust and capable of complying with a service level agreement (SLA) that mandates providing high availability during mission critical operations and otherwise.

We at dbAmaze have built technological advances and innovations that ensures continuity of services provided to the financial markets, health sectors, educational institutions, retail markets etc. including database disaster recovery ability as its savior. Such a secure and stable environment to support our end-to-end cloud and non-cloud client applications. We provide this Oracle’s solutions which is critical components of our infrastructure to our clients—guaranteeing 24/7 trustworthiness and availability with grander fault tolerance.


We at dbAmaze keep your vital database in safer hands with enormous expertise handy.