First Step to enter the

First Step to enter the ER-Database (Oracle)

Installation being the initial step of database introduction has to be taken very seriously. Hence, we have put forth Order Form Strategy, which we share with our client to fill it up with all requirements and details, so that the first step towards successful business goes well on time.

Since our organization values the requirements of client in time, therefore we keep everything documented from initial Order to final implementation.

Our order form manages all aspects of Database requirements. It tracks customers, order details, Environment (Test, Education, and Production), RAC/DataGuard/Standalone with Oracle Software Editions to be installed. It also tracks OS, Type of Storage (ASM/File System), Network Interfaces, Backup Routines and Additional Tools or Scripts Required with Order. These Order Database templates are very handy and practically been very beneficial for clients as well as our organization. We keep separate DB Order Form for Single Node DB, RAC (Active-Active), RAC-ONE (Active-Passive), DG etc so that unambiguous Installation happens as per requirement.


A Must do maintenance to keep the vulnerabilities at blue blue bay..

Emerging Technologies day by day come with handful of vulnerabilities as well. Hence, it has become imperative to be immune against these intrusions. PATCHING Procedure has been introduced by oracle to take care of this aspect of database security management.

It becomes a huge responsibility of IT Professionals to push organizations to get these patches applied on time before the intruders creep in and does the havoc. At dbAmaze we have satisfactory audits, where we measure if there is any security lapses or inadequacy, if we find any, we form guide lines promptly and stick to them. Without budget constraints, our Database Admins take responsibility to do the most with what is available. Having said that we believe ' If we can save our companies from just one security breach, the effort will have been worth it. We owe it to our organizations to make things better despite themselves.

We at dbAmaze affirm that we keep our clients databases up to date with latest patch set to prevent them from any kind of vulnerabilities. If at all, something happens unusual which doesn't include in already release patch, we request Oracle Support to get the MERGE Patch done for us to get rid of such emergencies.


A strategy to be updated, supportive and fast...

Most of the times clients question. Why to upgrade the existing database. dbAmaze provides the convincing reply to their curiosities.

  • The fact that Oracle support is going to end or it may end soon.
  • The application vendor is forcing you to upgrade.
  • Updated Security fixes like latest PSU’s or CPU’s
  • Potential cost savings
  • LOB data prompt access- move to Secure Files.

dbAmaze Database Upgrade Services are unique in its delivery and offers.We provide profound and comprehensive Upgrade services for clients to upgrade their databases to the latest updated versions of variant Relational model databases like Oracle, MYSQL etc.

We make sure that no client database platform goes outdated or relinquish from Oracle Support, Every Platform we undertake is taken care by our Professionals to bring it up to date latest version or atleast till the version supported by Oracle Support to protect their data from any kind of critical risks or issue.

We at dbAmaze understand that at times upgrades can be inconvenient to running application of organization because of the risk of downtime, functional changes and compatibility issues of legacy applications. Therefore, we put forth some different strategy for upgrades and migrations so that all these challenges are met with No or least impact on application downtime.

dbAmaze professionals always keep availability and data security in mind hence have brought up innovative efficient strategies with stringent pre and post check along with validation cum verifications. We leverage on those strategies so that we achieve maximum of benefits to our clients while doing upgrades without downtime or least downtime.Application compatibility with newer versions are checked on Test systems and once approved are replicated to production system using the tools (like spurt, load runner) which populate the data alike production and make complete feel of production.

The processes are well defined, hence dbAmaze leverage on these record proven, global operation and 24×7 optimized resources to perform the upgrades at off-peak hours in a cost-effective manner. If at all there was a standalone database, which requires the downtime, we prefer to get this done in service window mostly on weekend.